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About Fine Feathers Kombucha Co.

From the very beginning, the intention behind Fine Feathers Kombucha was to be synonymous with “quality” and to craft kombucha that goes way above and beyond the expectations and status quos. Our signature small-batch kombucha-making process, unsurpassed customer service and customer appreciation, and the uncompromising integrity in our ingredient sourcing, production, and sustainable business practices attest to our commitment to serve those intentions.

Our guiding principle of Quality-Above-Quantity, continued commitment to integrity, transparency and sustainability, and our core belief that the exceptionality of our kombucha is rooted in the high-quality teas we use, have solidified our direction as a commercial producer.     

Since our inception as a company, our focus has remained on staying true to our local roots and growing sustainably and responsibly. We wholeheartedly believe that this approach is the only way for our company to continuously provide the same level of quality in our products, the most direct way to positively impact our customers, employees, and our community, and to inspire sustainability, innovation, environmental consciousness, and ethical business practices.